Customize tasks per resource and activate them automatically. Understand all outstanding tasks related to your acquisitions and execute them with ease. Get prices from publishers and ask stakeholders for input. Place orders, manage expiring licenses, upload title-lists and more.
Task management
Monitor custom tasks in the library Kanban board
Create tasks and checklists and manage them from start to finish
Build to-do’s for yourself and other members of your team
Create custom templates and checklists for recurring tasks
Move the tasks through your own set of stages, to ensure progress
Streamline communication with your institutions' stakeholders
Automate stakeholder feedback related to new orders and renewals
Allow stakeholders to give structured feedback, and include it when making decisions
Generate price requests and consolidated order emails in one click
Decision Support
Have all relevant information at hand when deciding to place an order or cancellation
Display relevant information needed for decision making
View historical development in prices, license terms, stakeholder input, resource ratings (and potentially usage data and research output)
Planning and Control
Set budgets for different departments and monitor them as new orders, renewals, and cancellations are made
Manage your spend across departments
Share costs between different cost centers, even on individual subscription level