About ROAM
Research Output & Acquisition Management

Helping libraries streamline workflows and improve decision support

Subscription People, the company producing ROAM.plus, is a Copenhagen-based company, owned and managed by its two founders, Tejs Grevstad and Nels Rune Jensen.

In 2014 Subscription People created the first version of ConsortiaManager in collaboration with the Danish Digital Libraries. The collaboration resulted in a workflow tool, meant to help Library consortia manage their communication with publishers and members. ConsortiaManager focused on streamlining the workflows involved in negotiating publisher agreements, managing member subscriptions and executing tasks as easily as possible. Since then almost 40 consortia around the world have started using ConsortiaManager to better service the needs of their 4000+ member libraries.

The innovative functionality of the tool, quickly raised questions from consortia members, about the possibility to create a similar tool for the libraries themselves. In late 2017, the initial outline of such a tool was drawn up and two libraries, Malmo University and Stanford Graduate School of Business, accepted to help develop the tool. In August 2019, ROAM.plus was released in its first version, which focused on streamlining workflows and include functionality, that had previously been handled outside of any current systems. Currently, the Decision support functionality, including the management of transformative agreements is being developed for release in the near future.